Legalization and Authentication of Documents

Documents authenticated by Secretary of State from all 50 States in the US can be legalized at the Consulate of Viet Nam in SAN FRANCISCO or through HI-TEK's services

1. A regular dossier to be legalized/authenticated includes:

– Request Form for legalization/authentication of documents (Download HERE).  Note: No notarization/certification required for this Form.

– Documents to be legalized/authenticated must be first Authenticated by the Secretary of State where the Notary Public is licensed (before sending to the Consulate of Viet Nam for final authentication, which can be accepted by all Vietnamese authorities).  Note: The documents, which have not been authenticated by a relevant State-Level Secretary of State or by the Office of Authentication of the Ministry of Foreign Affaires, will be considered as ineligible and returned, even if they have been issued/certified/or notarized by a county clerk, court clerk, notary public or other U.S. authorities.

Click here for a list of Secretaries of States in the USA

2. Services Fees:

– By mail: Fees can be paid in the form of Money Order, Cashier’s Check (Certified Checks), Wire Transfer or Personal Check  payable to HI-TEK INC.

– In person: Fees can be paid in the form of Cash or Visa/Master card

3. Return of legalized/authenticated documents:

– You may come in person to the HI-TEK to pick up your legalized/authenticated documents or request for the documents to be mailed-back, in which case you are kindly asked to include a Self-stamped and addressed return envelope. To avoid losses during shipment, it is advised to use guaranteed services of  USPS / UPS or Fedex with tracking number for your easy tracking. We shall not be responsible for any missing documents due to your choice of using uncertified mails ( FEDEX Ground and UPS Ground are considered as uncertified mails)

– You also have an option to request for instant processing and your documents can be returned on the same-day. Extra fee is applied for such request.

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